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This directory features Taxidermist throughout the State of Michigan.   Use the links above to locate a taxidermist in the area of the state that you desire.

If you enjoy fishing and hunting big game, then you might want to  contact a taxidermist that mounts the types of animals you hunt and  fish. When you contact the taxidermy professionals, you will need to  know what questions you can ask that will help you determine which ones  are right for you. Ask the taxidermists how long they have been in  business. Those that have been in business for years usually have experience with stuffing and preserving wild big game animals like bears and  deer, fish, and birds like ducks for commercial and residential  buildings. If you want to show off your hunting and fishing skills by  placing mounts above the bar in your home or restaurant, then you will  need to be sure that the company you choose not only has taxidermy  experts, but also well made, beautiful mounts that you can choose from.  Ask the companies taxidermists if they provide installation services as  well as stuffing and preserving. This will help ensure that your animals are displayed properly so that they are safe and attractive. Ask the  taxidermists if they offer written quote services. After you have  gathered several written quotes you can compare them to determine which  ones offer the best services at the lowest prices. Be sure to ask them  if the quotes include things like consultation, and delivery so that you can compare the prices accurately. You should also be sure to  pay close attention to the level of courtesy that they use when they are answering your questions. This can help you determine how much they  value their customers.

A  taxidermy permit is required of any person to conduct a taxidermy  business or to engage in preparing or mounting the skins, plumage or  parts thereof from any regulated birds or mammals for a fee. A person  issued a taxidermy permit shall  only possess game or protected animals for the purpose of taxidermy at  the location described in his or her taxidermy permit.

All taxidermists located in Michigan  are eligible for a free basic listing in this directory consisting of business name, address, and telephone number.  Linked Listings are available for $12.00/year and Premium Listings for $36.50/year.  Click here for details.

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